Clean lashes last...promise!

I've said it before and I'll say it again...clean lashes last! Ok but what does that mean? Well there are many ways in which you can look after your lashes, keep them clean and help them to last weeks so that you can get the most out of the time and money you have spent on your lashes. Aside from getting the most out of your time and money it's also a bit of a hazard for your eyes if you're not keeping them clean. Let's take a look at how to keep your lashes clean and why you should be cleansing daily.

How to get clean lashes 101: clean them!

The first and most obvious way to keep your lashes clean is just to clean them. Cleaning your lashes with the pink lid Garnier micellar water each day can help you to get clean longer lasting lashes if you're not wearing makeup or using skin care products. However, if you wear makeup or use skin care products such as a moisturiser or facial serum then you really need to invest in a foaming lash cleanser and use it at the end of each day at the least. To clean your lashes you should apply 1-2 pumps of foaming cleanser (per eye) to a clean makeup or lash cleansing brush, run it along your lashes in a circular motion and lash line ensuring you are gently brushing down the length of your lashes, around your eyes and really getting into the base of your lashes. If there is makeup on your brush, do a double cleanse. Next you will rinse with water and very gently pat dry with a lint free towel. Paper hand towels are a great option as they are super absorbent but won't come apart easily like a tissue. A soft face washer is also great, it is more environmentally friendly just make sure it is soft and clean. Finish by brushing your lashes with a spoolie, this will help them to fluff out and air dry quicker. You can purchase a little handheld fan quite cheap on eBay to dry your lashes if you'd like a little quicker drying time.

Seriously considering a new M rule: no moving; no makeup

The next way to keep your lashes clean is to really avoid the eye area when applying your makeup. I can't even tell you the amount of makeup, particularly foundation, I see in lashes and how much it worries me, I mean have you ever looked up lash mites? Yeah they're microscopic bacteria that grow along the lash line if lashes aren't cleaned thoroughly at least daily and makeup or skin care products are left to build up along the lash line. Not only do you develop lash mites from applying makeup to your lashes but you also clog the hair follicles which impacts the natural lash growth and the makeup just eats away at the glue, you will know this is happening if you are losing single lashes instead of fans or your next infill isn't quite as full as you're used to (if the natural lashes aren't growing through then I have nothing to apply extensions to).

Skin care is for skin

Avoiding your lash line when applying skin care products such as moisturiser and facial serums will also help to keep your lashes clean. Applying these products close to your lashes will see build up developing along your lash line in 2 days, dramatically increasing the risk of lash mites, clogged hair follicles and potential eye infections. Avoid the eye area as much as you can or stick with fast absorbing products.

Oil; it's a no from me

Oil or oil based products will eat away at the glue that binds your extensions to the natural lash so these should be avoided in the whole eye area (think about leaving a big ol' panda eye space around your eyes where you don't apply any oil based products). This also includes natural oils such as those on your fingers. Yes your fingers have oil on them. This is mostly because so many of us touch our faces or our hair multiple times each day without washing our hands. This means we are transferring oil directly onto our lashes whenever we touch them. Considering what the current pandemic has taught us about washing our hands and not touching our face I'm sure many of us aren't doing this so much at the moment but it's still important to remember not to touch your eyelashes due to the oil and bacteria on your fingers.

If you'd like some more information about keeping your lashes clean, the associated risks if not done properly or advice about products to use or avoid please feel free to reach out via Instagram or ask me at your next appointment. I look forward to seeing you in studio, with squeaky clean lashes, soon x